Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Griddisks not coming ONLINE after execution of alter griddisk all active


A cell-to-cell offload operation occurs, such as when performing a resilvering operation during ASM disk resync, or when issuing "alter diskgroup drop disks" statement in ASM

Affected Versions:

Grid Infrastructure version is, lower than

The fix for bug 21218243 is installed in the Grid Infrastructure home.  This fix was included in,, and, but was also provided as a backport to some previous bundle patches. The fix for bug 22304421 is not installed in the Grid Infrastructure home.  This is the resolution fix for this issue.


Step 1 - Verify cellsrv process is running on all storage servers, and restart, if necessary.

CellCLI> list cell attributes cellsrvStatus

CellCLI> alter cell startup services cellsrv

Starting CELLSRV services...
The STARTUP of CELLSRV services was successful.

Step 2 - Set initialization parameter _kxdbio_disable_offload_opcode=1 in all ASM instances.
This parameter may be set while ASM remains online.  For example,
SQL> alter system set "_kxdbio_disable_offload_opcode"=1;
System altered.
_kxdbio_disable_offload_opcode=1 disables cell-to-cell offload operations, such as cell-to-cell offloaded resilvering during ASM disk resync.  Such operations will proceed without direct cell-to-cell communication when this parameter is set as directed.  Other offloaded operations, such as query, incremental backup, and file creation, are unaffected when setting _kxdbio_disable_offload_opcode=1.

Note: This workaround should be used as a temporary remedy only and should be removed upon using the recommended resolution

 On 2015-Nov-09 patch 21976960 was released to correct this issue.  Subsequently, it was discovered that patch 21976960 did not prevent the issue in all possible scenarios and was withdrawn.  On 2015-Dec-22 patch 22304421 replaced patch 21976960.  If patch 21976960 was previously installed, it is not necessary to rollback prior to taking additional action.


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